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Appliance Recycling
Your old fridge or freezer can use up to four times the energy of newer models. So, let us recycle it. We’ll haul it away for free, you’ll get $30 and save up to $150 a year in energy costs.

Heating and Cooling

SCI REMC’s rebate program is designed to encourage members to purchase energy efficient equipment. SCI REMC members are eligible for rebates when buying qualifying central air units, air-source heat pumps, or geothermal systems. (Members replacing their electric furnace with a heat pump receive an even larger rebate.) 

  • Members are limited to two energy efficiency rebates annually. 

  • Contact your contractor for application. (If you're a new contractor to SCI REMC, contact our Energy Service Manager Rick McKinney.)

  • Once the paperwork is verified through your contractor or through an on-site visit from our Energy Advisor, the rebate will be submitted. (The process takes about 2-4 weeks.) 


Air Source Heat Pump, Central Air, Dual Fuel (new construction or replacement with more efficient equipment)

• Minimum 15 SEER 
• Units that do not qualify include: Mini-split A/C units or heat pumps, Window A/C units or heat pumps, including “through-the-wall” A/C units or heat pumps (hotel-type machines) 
• Single speed compressor: $300 rebate  
• Dual/variable speed compressor: $600 rebate

Heat Pump Replacing 100% Electric Resistance Heat

 Minimum 15 SEER   
 Examples of Resistance Heat: electric furnace, electric baseboard, electric ceiling cable   
 Residential Single Family Traditional and modular housing
 Single speed compressor heat pump or Geothermal unit: $1,800 rebate 
 Dual/variable speed compressor heat pump or Geothermal unit: $2,200 rebate

Heat Pump replacing 100% Electric Resistance Heat in Mobile Home (does not apply to Modular Homes)

 Minimum 13 SEER  
 Mobile/Manufactured homes defined as: factory assembled; transportable; designed for transportation on own chassis or on a temporary foundation; intended for year-round occupancy  
 Single speed compressor: $1,800 rebate  
 Dual/variable speed compressor: $2,200 rebate

Geothermal Heat Pump (new construction or replacement with more efficient equipment)

 Geothermal $1,000 rebate  

HVAC Duct Sealing

 13 SEER minimum  
 Both supply and return ducts must be sealed and insulated if in unconditioned space
 Ducts must be sealed with a minimum of 1/16” mastic  
 Electric heated homes: 100% of the installed cost up to a maximum of $500 rebate   
 Fossil fuel with central air or heat pump: Maximum $250 rebate   
 New homes, defined as built in the last 2 years, are not eligible
 To apply for the HVAC Duct Sealing rebate, contact SCI REMC’s Energy Advisor    

*Registered contractors means they have attended our Energy Efficiency Rebate Seminar and currently have access to rebate application and are eligible to complete HVAC Duct Sealing necessary for the HVAC Duct Sealing rebate.