Our Fiber Network Is Growing

In the 1930s, investor-owned utilities (IOUs) supplied power in urban areas but would not provide electric power to rural customers. Rural communities banded together and created electric cooperatives. In 1939, rural and agriculture leaders founded South Central Indiana REMC, owned by its members and overseen by a democratically elected board of directors.

The same way South Central Indiana REMC started delivering electricity to the unserved rural parts of our area, our SCI fiber division is now bringing high-speed fiber-optic Internet access to residents and businesses. The fiber network is being built incrementally to ensure South Central Indiana REMC members have access to affordable, reliable high-speed Internet.

The construction started in 2018, and now we have nearly 2,000 miles of fiber plant installed and over 7,300 installations completed.

Fast, reliable internet access allows people to improve the quality of their life. It has emerged as an essential communication tool. It is needed to do almost everything: attend school, complete homework, run a business, access doctors and medical care, or even stream a movie with your family. Not only that, we are leveraging our newly constructed fiber infrastructure to connect and remotely communicate with power line devices enabling a smarter, more reliable electric grid. This technology will allow us to monitor and control critical devices remotely, isolating problems and quickly restoring power to unaffected lines.

For more information or to register for fiber fast-internet, visit our Internet page.