Remain Weather Aware | Winter Storm Elliott

We’re asking members to remain weather aware as we monitor the severe weather and extreme temperatures affecting our service territory.

Snow and gusty winds are predicted for Friday, December 23, and Saturday, December 24. South Central Indiana REMC is preparing for potential outages that could arise from these weather conditions. We recommend our members also prepare for these scenarios.

Winter Storm Preparedness

Reporting an Electric Outage

Ways to report:
1) Visit and click "Report an Electric Outage."
2) Download the "SCI Connect" app
3) TextPower,
4) Call (800) 264-7362 or (765) 342-3344

Reminder – Outages cannot be reported through the SCI REMC Facebook page.

Stay Updated

SCI REMC will provide updates and information depending on the severity of potential outages and other situations. Restoring power is a complicated process, especially when hazardous weather and below-freezing temperatures are involved. Our crews do their best to restore electricity as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Updates on the process of restoring power to potential outages will be made available on SCI REMC’s Facebook page and website ( Reminder – Outages cannot be reported through Facebook.

Stay Safe

We understand that this is not the ideal weather we hoped for this holiday weekend. With that, safety is our number one priority for both our members and our crews. With the possibility of hypothermia and frostbite when being outside for a prolonged period, we encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions. Research local warm areas and overnight shelters by calling your local sheriff’s department.