SCI REMC Annual Meeting 2022 – Election Results & Raffle Winners

South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corporation (SCI REMC) has announced its Board of Directors results.

Elected to serve on the SCI REMC Board of Directors are:

  • District 2: Jerry Pheifer
  • District 6: Kenneth Sebastian
  • District 7: Bruce Hamlin

6,125 Ballots were tabulated by Survey and Ballot Systems.

The SCI REMC Board of Directors is comprised of 9 members representing nine districts. All directors are voted on by the members of SCI REMC.

Annual Meeting Contest Rules (PDF)

The first 500 members who voted online and the first 500 who returned mail-in ballots will receive a $20 bill credit on their October bills.

Raffle Winners

10 prizes for $500

  1. Hansen, James S
  2. Clark, Kyra
  3. Woodring, Randall W
  4. Bredeson, Jeff S
  5. Weisiger, Will K
  6. Umphrey, Ken
  7. Craft Research Center
  8. Fisher, Carole
  9. Kern, Charles A
  10. Richards, Kerry D

15 prizes for $100

  1. Harris, Jessica F
  2. Thornton, Jonathan K
  3. Young, Belinda S
  4. Bracken, David
  5. Reichmann, Elijah D
  6. Battey, Raymond S
  7. Venable II, Robert J
  8. Miller, Ryan M
  9. Proctor, Steven
  10. Rasdall, Mark R
  11. Allen, Jamie L
  12. Crone, Jane A
  13. Ross, Steve L
  14. Miller Harry C Farms Inc
  15. Labarge, Sara

If you see your name listed above, please email us or call us at (765) 352-4795 (Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm) to claim your prize.