Utility Pole Inspections Underway

South Central Indiana REMC has contracted with Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. to inspect, test, and treat utility poles within our service area. SCI REMC regularly undertakes the inspection and treatment of its utility poles to maintain the system’s safety, reliability, and integrity. Crews will inspect utility poles from July 19 to December 31, 2021, in the Martinsville, Morgantown, Nashville, Unionville areas.

The inspections involve entering properties where crews will check poles for structural weaknesses by hammering on the wood and boring into poles to obtain samples. After inspections are complete, Osmose crews may need to enter a property a second time to treat poles. All Osmose Utility Services employees will be wearing logo shirts, driving vehicles that display the Osmose Utility Services logo, and using ATVs to access areas. Please be careful and watch out for the safety of these workers who will be performing inspections along the roads.

If you have questions regarding Osmose Utility Services inspections, call SCI REMC at 765-342-3344 or toll-free at (800) 264-7362.