Why Is My Winter Electric Bill Higher?

Why is my bill so high? – I haven't done anything differently.

The cold temperatures in January and February have kept most of us indoors and looking for ways to stay warm. Now you may be asking “why does my bill go up when it’s cold outside?”

  • It’s a frigid fact that you use more energy in cold weather.
  • In cold weather, your heating system works much harder to keep your home comfortable.
  • Even if you don’t change your thermostat setting, it runs longer to heat your home. Even gas heating systems use electricity to power the fan and distribute the warm air.
  • You can use our website or our SCI Connect app to monitor your daily and weekly usage.
  • If you are still concerned about your electric bill, we can put you in contact with our energy advisor who can review your usage with you and share some energy efficiency tips.

Contact an Energy Advisor with questions or request to schedule an energy audit.