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Wildlife Enhancement Program

South Central Indiana REMC (SCI REMC) recognizes the responsibility to its members, community, and environment. That’s why in conjunction with the mission to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity, the cooperative works to create, promote, and preserve wildlife habitats through its Wildlife Enhancement Program.

Poster of red-tailed hawk & other raptor facts


As of early 2015, SCI has installed:

  • 136 Bat Nesting & Colony Boxessci remc wildlife enhancement logo with eagle depicted
  • 469 Bluebird Boxes
  • 89 Wildlife Food Plot Areas
  • 4 Eagle & Osprey Nesting Platforms
  • 11 Raptor Perches
  • 9 Red-Tail Hawk Nesting Platforms
  • 50 Kestrel & Screech Owl Nesting Boxes
  • 39 Barred Owl Nesting Boxes
  • 5 Barn Owl Nesting Boxes
  • 18 Flying Squirrel Colony & Nesting Boxes


The Wildlife Enhancement Program targets 3 key areas:


about our proprietary seed mix

  • Where possible, dead trees are left standing & trimmed below power lines to provide habitat for squirrels, raccoons, bats, bluebirds, woodpeckers, owls, hawks, bees, & other pollinators.
  • Where property owners allow, brush & wind-rolled piles are left in right-of-way corridors to provide nesting & shelter habitat.
  • Most cleared right-of-way areas are reseeded with a seed mixture developed to protect against erosion, promote a more desirable & manageable right-of-way floor, & foster indigenous species & pollinator habitat.
  • Most slow/low-growing trees/bushes suitable for wildlife are left undisturbed. 
  • SCI uses the Basil method of herbicide application, which targets undesirable, fast-growing tree species that may interfere with electric reliability.
  • Where possible, active bee, den, & nesting trees are left undisturbed.
  • SCI REMC installs bluebird boxes, bat boxes, owl & hawk nesting boxes, nesting platforms, & hunting perches throughout its service territory to foster wildlife.
  • Work is scheduled/performed to minimize disturbance of known nesting/active sites.
  • Employees are trained yearly on endangered/protected species of animals, plants, & pollinators.
  • Supervisors are annually certified with the State of Indiana in herbicide application/use.


History of the Program

2005 2006 2009 2015
SCI developed its Energy for Wildlife Program, making it the second utility and first REMC in the nation to do so. SCI received a certified endorsement of its wildlife program through the National Wild Turkey Federation (NTWF) and the NTWF’s first Energy for Wildlife Award. SCI developed its internationally recognized Raptor Enhancement Program.

SCI enhanced wildlife seed mixture to be more pollinator beneficial by adding wildflower seed to mix.

Relinquished ties with NWTF Energy for Wildlife Program and established its in-house Wildlife Enhancement Program.


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