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Colored Ribbons on Trees

When our Vegetation Management team identifies vegetation on your property that requires attention, you will see a colored ribbon tied to it. These ribbons allow us to identify the work that will be performed.

  • Red = trees that are to be removed
  • Green = trees that are to be trimmed
  • Black/Yellow Striped = dead/danger trees to be "made safe"* or agreed upon, member requested, removals 

*The definition of "made safe" is: a tree that needs to be cut below line level so that if it falls or the remainder is cut, it will not hit any line structures (electric, telephone, cable, etc.) There is no clean up of any debris left after "made safe" has been performed. All debris will remain on your property.


Please do not remove any identification ribbons that may be placed on your trees or bushes until crews have completed the necessary work.


Stump removal is not part of the tree removal process. Stumps will be cut as close to the ground as permitted by conditions and property owner agreements.



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