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About Vegetation Management

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Vegetation Management Brochure

SCI has several certified employees:

  • 18 Herbicide Technicians
  • 1 Aquatics Herbicide Technician
  • 4 Right-of-Way Technicians
  • 5 International Arborists
  • 3 International Utility Arborists
  • 3 ISA Qualified Tree Risk-Assessment Arborists



Ideally, a clear right-of-way has no trees, limbs, or brush within 15 feet in either direction of the centerline created by a series of poles. Creating a clear path requires a sensitive approach. The health and appearance of the trees is important. Shade, fruit, and ornamental trees are not removed unless we receive permission. Where limbs come closer than 10 feet to the neutral or phase wires, they are trimmed with an eye for symmetry and natural shape of the tree.rendering of before and after looks of pruning trees near power lines



Another way property owners put themselves at risk is attempting to maintain trees that come in contact with power lines. The best approach is to not attempt anything yourself. If a tree or brush comes within 10 feet of our power lines anywhere on your property, call for assistance. It is our responsibility not only to maintain the area around the lines, but to keep you safe as well.


SCI REMC will make every attempt to notify our members before work is done on your property. A door hanger is left at your residence notifying you of work needing performed and when work will begin. This work is done at no extra charge to the member, and we will even arrange to leave FREE wood chips at your home upon request and availability.



SCI REMC maintains a Wildlife Enhancement Program that fosters various native species in our service territory. We even use a proprietary wildlife seed mix in our rights-of-ways to enhance the wildlife population.


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