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Outage Reporting: 1.800.264.7362

Connect/Disconnect/Transfer Service

NEW SERVICE: Submit the form below, and a Member Services representative will contact you for any additional information and confirm your request. (Please allow up to three business days to process your request.) If you prefer, you can also print the PDF form and mail it to SCI REMC, 300 Morton Ave. Martinsville, IN 46151. (Check out our wiring manuals for installing new service.)

TRANSFER SERVICE: Call us at 1-800-264-REMC (7362).

DISCONNECT SERVICE: Call us at 1-800-264-REMC (7362) or email us.


A non-refundable service order fee of $50.00 is charged for initial service. A billing deposit may be required of $200 or $400. A deposit is only required after our office performs an online credit check. This deposit will be held until the member has paid their bill by the due date for 12 consecutive months, and it will then be refunded to the account balance. (There is no deposit if you sign up for Prepaid Electric, though there is an initial $50 payment into your account to get the electricity flowing.)

Each member of the REMC owns a portion of the business and, as an owner, has a right in making decisions on how this business is operated.

See our complete Service Rules & Regulations.


Apply for Service

Primary Account Holder Information
Spouse (or Second Applicant) Information
Service Address
Billing Address (If Different than Above)
Property Type
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