Avoid Solar Scams

Your Trusted Energy Advisor
  • In this ever-changing environment, it’s important to remember you have a trusted energy advisor – your local electric cooperative
  • We are a community-focused organization serving our diverse communities with innovative energy solutions and life-enhancing services
  • Remember, we’re just one call or click away, so please reach out with any questions about your electric service or bills – we’re here to help
Be Informed
  • South Central Indiana REMC wants its members to make informed decisions about whether solar is right for them
  • After all, South Central Indiana REMC has a different “bottom line” that is not directly tied to the sale of a product or service
  • We take a more holistic, objective view of how to achieve energy and cost savings for our members, and that may or may not include solar
  • Before you sign the dotted line, please feel encouraged to email us with any solar array questions