Annual Meeting

SCI REMC held it’s 84th Annual Meeting virtually on September 23, 2023.

The 2023 Director Election Results

District 1

Mark Smith

District 5

Rex Franklin

With no director petitions received from District 9 by the July 25, 2023 deadline, the SCI REMC Board of Directors will form a committee to appoint a director for that district. SCI REMC’s Board of Directors are elected from, and by, the membership to oversee the operations of your cooperative and work collectively to represent the best interests of their fellow members.

Meet the Board of Directors


The 2023 Annual Meeting Prizes

$100 Bill Credit Winners
Nash, David
Bryant, Larry
Overby, Isaac
Bragg, Beverly
Randolph, James
Nicholson, April
Patterson, Dennis
Moriarty, Joseph
Rohl, Davia
Barr, Edwin
Whitaker, Michael
Blevins, Katona
Schwab, David
Goodwin, Gabrielle
Taylor, Matthew
Fritzinger, Judith
Hammer, Charles
Horner, Douglas
Shaw, Cynthia
Yates, Jason
Cooper, Chad
Sargent, Faye
Brozek, Kyle
Pfettscher, Donald
Holt, Jon
Coffin, Julie
Henderson, Rene
Plunkett, Courtney
Walker, John
Panagopoulos, Sarah
Pontanini, Jessica
Myers, Max
Robison, Janna
Gabrek, Mark
Lee, Laurie
Havlin, Joseph
Armour, Barry
Smith, Sandra
Witt Jr, Samuel
Brown, Scott
Hammans, Keila
Kopernak, Anna
Kinne, Peter
Walker, Todd
Hoskins, Jessica
Downton, Larry
Matthews, David
Bryant, Levi
Faught, Renee
Wright, Tony


The members who were randomly selected to receive a $15 or $100 bill credit will see the amounts applied to their 2023 October bill statement.



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