Operation RoundUp

What Is Operation RoundUp?

  • As a South Central Indiana REMC member, you have a unique opportunity to support Operation RoundUp
  • Established in 1995, Operation RoundUp began as an extension of the electric cooperative principle “neighbor helping neighbor”
  • So far, SCI REMC members have contributed over $3.8 million in grants to date!
  • Operation RoundUp is a program that provides financial support to organizations and individuals within the 7 counties served by the REMC
  • All that is required is the “rounding up” of your power bill

Upcoming application due dates for Operation RoundUp meetings:

  • Next Application Due Date: February 8, 2023
  • Next Trustee Meeting: February 22, 2023

How It Works

  • Members who participate contribute an average of only $6 per year
  • A few cents from each consumer adds up to a significant amount of assistance
  • Nearly $130,000 is raised annually through Operation RoundUp
  • Your power bill is “rounded-up” to the next highest dollar amount
  • For example, if your actual electric bill is $60.76, it would be rounded up 24 cents to $61
  • The extra cents go directly into a fund called SCI Membership Community Fund Inc., and are administered by a board of trustees made up of representatives from the communities we serve
  • The Community Fund’s mission is to assist with the food, shelter, health, safety, and education needs
  • It helps worthy charitable organizations and civic groups in the counties served by SCI REMC including Morgan, Monroe, Owen, Brown, Putnam, Clay, and Johnson
  • The Fund does not pay power bills
  • If you’re not sure if you participate in Operation RoundUp, call us at (800) 264-7362.

Current Operation RoundUp Trustees

  • Curt Durnil
  • Mary Ann Frame
  • Marce King
  • Steve Deckard
  • Kim Robinson
  • Sally Burks Hardy
  • Michael Fulton

Operation RoundUp Guidelines

What is the purpose of Operation RoundUp?

The purpose of the SCI Membership Community Fund is to accumulate and disburse funds for charitable purposes to individuals, families, groups, and organizations located in the service area of South Central Indiana REMC. The REMC’s service area includes Morgan, Owen, Brown, Monroe, and portions of Johnson, Clay, and Putnam Counties. The source of funds is the REMC’s members who voluntarily participate in a RoundUp program. Each month, those members volunteering to participate, allow their electric bill to be rounded up to the next highest dollar. The amount rounded up is accumulated by the REMC and transferred to the SCI Membership Community Fund.

Who is eligible to apply for funds?

Any individual, family, group, or organization located within South Central Indiana REMC’s service area is eligible to apply for funds. Generally, funds will be provided to meet the needs of applicants that aren’t being met through other sources of means. The maximum amount available to any individual or family is $2,500 per year. The maximum amount available to any group or organization is $10,000 per year. Under extenuating circumstances, additional funding may be available to individuals, families, groups, or organizations if approved by all of the Trustees who are responsible for administering the Fund. Receiving organizations are required to submit a final report.

What is not eligible for funding?

The following will not be eligible to receive funding:

  • Candidates for political office, political parties, or any political purpose
  • Activities or requests that lack solid community support
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Salaries
How does an individual or organization apply for funding?

All applications will be reviewed by a 7-member Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will meet no less than quarterly and may meet more frequently as determined by the number of applications that are received. Applicants will be notified within 30 days following action by the Board of Trustees on their application.

Recipient organizations are required to submit a final report within 6 months of receiving the funds.

November 2022 Grant Recipients

In November 2022, grants were awarded to the following organizations:

SCI REMC’s Operation RoundUp Trustees met on November 2, 2022, and awarded $32,895 in grants to 10 different organizations within our service territory.

Application Project or Program Grant Amount Awarded
Handicapable Camp Assist with camp costs $2,500
Community Kitchen of Monroe County Vegetable and Protein purchases for backpack buddies program $10,000
Special Olympics of Morgan County Equipment/uniforms/Valentines dinner & dance/marketing/sports banquet $3,000
Constellation Stage & Screen (formerly Cardinal Stage) Provide funding for 900 students to attend Elf the Musical $3,000
Town of Prince’s Lakes Assist with installing fiber material in playground area $2,500
Desert Rose Foundation, Inc. Changing to VoIP – need upgrade to backup communicator $1,145
New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center Annual Renewal – BrightCourse parental education program $1,700
Churches in Mission Purchase of camera system $3,300
Catholic Charities Bloomington Counseling Services Items for hybrid work solution $3,200
Community Service Center of Morgan County – WellSpring Cooking essentials $2,550