Emergency Repairs

In the case of an after-hour emergency repair that requires an electrical inspection:

  • You will have to get an emergency wiring statement from the lineman on-site that is disconnecting the power or have it printed out from the website
  • You will have to find a qualified approved electrician for your county to perform the repairs (you can find a list for each county at the bottom of this page)
  • Members will have the qualified approved electrician make all repairs and sign off on the emergency wiring statement (signature must be legible)
  • Send the paper via email to Emergency Repairs or give it to a lineman when they arrive on site
  • Once the signature has been verified, the lineman will restore power
  • Note: If the signature is not legible or if the electrician is not on the list of “qualified approved” electricians, we will not be able to restore power without an inspection
  • Members will have 3 business days to contact their county inspector and schedule an electrical inspection

Download the Emergency Wiring Statement (PDF). Before electricity may be furnished, this certificate must be completed in its entirety and returned to South Central Indiana REMC.

Important Notes

This emergency wiring statement may only be used for emergency repairs after hours or when the county inspector is unavailable. This form may not be used for new service requests, planned work, or other non-emergency scenarios.

All electricians must be on the approved list of qualified electricians for the county where work is performed.

This list is provided to SCI REMC by the county inspectors. Please contact the appropriate county representatives for information on how to be added to this list.

If your county does not appear on this list, it is because we have not received a list of qualified approved electricians from your county inspector and you will have to wait for reconnecting until it has been green tagged by your county inspector.

Qualified Approved Electricians by County