New Members

SCI New Member Packet

Welcome to SCI REMC! We’re glad you’re on our lines.

The SCI REMC team understands the important role we have with your family and in our community. We’ve been a trusted community partner for over 80 years, and it’s those communities we serve that have shaped who we are today. Now, that includes you too. You’re helping us make our community a better place to live, to raise a family, and to enjoy this wonderful place we call home.

From sending high school students to tour our nation’s capital to Operation RoundUp, a charitable initiative driven by member donations, we’re working hard to give back. Learn more about our community-focused programs on our website under Community.

SCI REMC is different from other electric utilities. We’re a not-for-profit cooperative owned by the members we serve. We encourage you to take a few minutes to browse your membership guide to learn more. Please call (800) 264-7362 if you have any questions about your membership or our services.

James Tanneberger
President and CEO

Download Membership Guide (PDF)
Go Paperless

Sign up today for paperless billing.

Once enrolled, you will automatically receive an email each month with a link to your bill at the same time of the month as you would normally receive your paper bill. Paperless billing will save you time and money if you choose to pay online and will save SCI REMC money on postage and printing.

To sign up for paperless billing on a computer, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your online account
  2. On the "Home" page left section, choose Email/Password
    Screenshot of SCI online account homepage with arrow pointing to "Email/Password" in the left sidebar
  3. Choose "Paperless Options" and click the box next to "I understand that I have authorized the coop to communicate with me in the above manner" and click "Submit All."
    Screenshot of SCI online account portal with arrows pointing to "Paperless Options" tab and checkbox to enable paperless billing

To sign up for paperless billing through the SCI Connect App, follow these steps.

  1. Download the SCI Connect up and log into your account.Download the SCI Connect app on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Choose "Account Details"
    Screenshot of SCI Connect app with arrow pointing to "Account Details"
  3. Click on "Manage"
    Screenshot of SCI app with arrow pointing to "Manage" button
  4. Choose "Account Management"
    Screenshot of SCI app with arrow pointing to "Account Management"
  5. Choose "Paperless Options" and click the box next to "I understand that I have authorized the coop to communicate with me in the above manner" and click "Submit All."
    Screenshot of SCI app with arrows pointing to "Paperless Option" and checkbox to enable paperless billing

To save even more time paying bills each month:

Sign up for Paperless Billing and our Automatic Payment Plan (APP). With the APP, you can have your REMC bill paid each month by an automatic draft from your checking or savings account or have the bill charged to your credit card. Simply fill out the Automatic Payment Plan form (PDF) and return to SCI REMC to sign up for APP.

Membership Perks

Member Newsletter

  • Every month, you will receive the member newsletter
  • The newsletter will keep you up-to-date with co-op stories, new products and services, member events, and more!
  • Find it on our Newsletter page

Annual Meeting

  • Every fall, SCI REMC hosts an Annual Member Meeting to conduct cooperative business and elect directors for the Board
  • Members also enjoy a special gift and prizes

Capital Credits

  • When you signed up to receive electric service from SCI REMC, you became a member and an owner of an electric cooperative
  • While investor-owned utilities return profits back to their investors, electric cooperatives give margins back to the member-owners in the form of “capital credits
  • Learn more on our Capital Credits page

Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles

  • SCI REMC has resources available on our website to help you learn more about electric vehicles and if they are something you should consider when purchasing your next vehicle
  • For more information, visit our Electric Vehicles page

Technology & Member Seminars

Throughout the year, SCI REMC hosts various seminars and workshops for members to share new technologies and resources. Follow us on social media or contact our office at (800) 264-7362 to check on upcoming opportunities.

Understanding Your Bill

Example of South Central Indiana REMC bill

1. Billing Summary

This section shows your account number, billing due date, the total amount due, and any potential late payment penalties.

2. Usage Chart

For most account types, this table shows electric usage by month in terms of kilowatt-hours used. This graph shows your consumption over the past 13 months.

3. Meter & Readings

This row presents your meter number, number of days in the billing cycle, meter readings, and kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.

4. Current Charges

This section details current charges, including the basic service charge, recent payments, energy usage, and taxes.

5. Operation RoundUp

Your electric bill is “rounded-up” to the next highest dollar amount. The extra cents go directly into a community fund that is administered by a board of trustees made up of representatives from the communities SCI REMC serves. For more information, visit our Operation RoundUp page or call (800) 264-7362.

6. Important Account Information

This box will contain any messages, announcements, or important account-specific information from your cooperative.

7. Remittance Stub

The bottom of the statement is a tear-off remittance stub to be returned with your payment. You can also pay by phone, by mail, through our SCI Connect app, or online through your online account.

Basic Service Charge

The basic service charge is a flat, monthly fee charged per meter. The charge exists to assist in covering the costs of bringing power to your meter, including such things as electrical wire, transformers, poles, maintenance, and administrative costs, regardless of the amount of electricity you use.

Billing Cycles

SCI REMC utilizes a system of cycle billing for meter reading. This means that meters are read throughout the entire month, and bills are issued at 4 different times/cycles during the month. There are 4 cycle areas covered by SCI REMC with separate billing schedules:

Cycle 1 – area north and east of Martinsville
Due Date: 28th

Cycle 2 – area south and southeast of Martinsville
Due Date: 5th

Cycle 3 – area southwest of Martinsville
Due Date: 12th

Cycle 4 – area northwest of Martinsville
Due Date: 19th

Meter Reading

SCI REMC utilizes an automated meter reading (AMR) system that uses our power lines to remotely read customer meters and then transfer the data to our office. The benefits to our members include:

  • Lower meter reading costs
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Improved member service due to the availability of daily meter readings
  • Reduction in the duration of power outages due to quick notification
Payment Options

Pay Online

View Electric Usage and Pay Bill

SCI REMC Connect App

Along with paying your bill, you can also report an outage, view your usage, and more!

Download on the App Store Download on the Google Play Store

Auto Draft

  • Sign up for Auto Draft and SCI REMC will process your monthly payment from your selected credit card or bank account
  • Now you never have to remember a payment again
  • More information is available on our Ways to Pay page

Paperless Billing

  • Sign up for paperless billing from SCI REMC!
  • Once enrolled, you will automatically receive an e-mail each month with a link to your bill
  • You will receive your eBill at the same time of the month as you would normally receive your paper bill
  • The eBill will save you time and money if you choose to pay online

Drop Box

  • Use our drop box
  • We accept the traditional check or money order payments, as well as cash during normal business hours
  • Please do not mail cash
  • After hours, a drop box is available at our office

Call Our Office

  • Call our office 24 hours a day at (800) 264-7362 to make an immediate payment via credit card, debit card, or check. (Be sure to have your account number ready.) We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit Card.

Prepaid Electric

Prepaid Electric helps you control your budget by making payments into your account as you prefer. Simply add money into your SCI REMC Prepaid Electric account online, over the phone, or in our office, as your account needs to be filled – like filling up your gas tank! To sign up, just call us or stop in our office. You will need to make an initial $50 payment into your account to get the electricity flowing. No deposit is required for Prepaid, and members will not have late fees or disconnect/reconnect fees.