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What to Do if Your Electricity Is Off

If your power goes off, check the lights and appliances in other rooms. If you still have power in some areas, most likely a fuse has blown, or a circuit breaker has opened. This is a warning of overloaded wiring or a defective appliance.

SCI REMC does not repair appliances or maintain the wiring inside the residence.

If All Power Is Off

Check to see if your neighbors have power. This will help SCI REMC determine how widespread the outage may be.

It could be a large outage, it could just be your transformer causing the problem, or a main breaker serving just you and several of your neighbors has tripped.

Outdoor Lights

If you have an outdoor light that we’ve furnished, check to see if that light is out. If so, chances are the power has been interrupted at a point away from your home.

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How does SCI REMC prioritize who gets power restored first?

SCI REMC works to restore your power as efficiently and safely as possible. When the lights go out, and it’s safe for our crews to begin the restoration process, they start by addressing any emergencies and then repairing power lines and equipment that will restore power to the greatest number of people in the shortest time possible. This process typically begins with repairs to the larger main distribution lines that service a great number of homes and businesses. After those repairs are made, crews work on tap lines, which deliver power to transformers, either mounted on utility poles (for above-ground service) or placed on pads (for underground service). Finally, individual service lines that run between the transformer and the home are repaired.

When will my power be restored?

When SCI REMC responds to an outage, we use system data and information relayed from our crews to estimate when we will be able to restore power for members. The estimates are based on available information; the outage duration could extend past the initial estimate as conditions change. During widespread outages, predicting restoral times is very difficult due to the variety of damage crews encounter, including pole replacements, removing trees from lines, and clearing roadways/paths to access an outage.  This presents a challenge for us because we know members want restoration times (and we want to provide them); however, we also know that inaccurate information is frustrating in an outage situation.

I need electricity for medical equipment – what should I do if I lose power?

If you have a medical condition that requires electrical equipment, always have a backup plan in place. This plan could include a portable generator, extra medical supplies, or moving to an alternate location until power is restored. SCI REMC cannot guarantee priority restoration. If you plan to use a generator for backup power, read all safety information and instructions before use.  Members can also contact Indiana 211 to find local resources that may be of assistance. Please visit our life-supporting equipment page for more information.

How do I report an outage?

We hope you never have an outage, but with Indiana weather and living in some of the most forested counties in the state, it’s best to be prepared! SCI REMC has several ways to report an outage including online, text, phone, and through the SCI Connect App.

Please visit our severe weather page for storm preparedness and checklists. We encourage all members to have a plan for extended outage situations.

Do I need to report my outage?

If you experience an outage, please don’t assume SCI REMC knows your power is out if you have not reported it or received a TextPower outage notification. The data and details provided by our members help us analyze the outage to find the location and cause.

How does SCI REMC plan/prepare for storms and outages?

SCI REMC prepares in advance when inclement weather threatens our 7-county service territory. Our team tracks the path of the storm(s) to identify parts of our system that may be affected. This allows SCI REMC to coordinate crews to assist with restoring service to our members. Based on the severity, we also determine if additional assistance is needed from fellow cooperatives or contract crews. SCI REMC is a not-for-profit cooperative, and our purpose has always been — and will always be — to provide reliable and affordable service to our members.


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