Herbicides FAQs

Are the contractors trained and licensed?

To apply herbicide in Indiana, it is required by the state that all applicators obtain certification prior to performing application. It is allowable for new applicators to apply herbicides under a temporary permit while obtaining a license. However, they must be directly supervised at all times and be within speaking distance of a trained, licensed applicator. SCI REMC requires contractors to provide copies of their certification at the pre-application meeting.

If I am an organic farmer, what are my responsibilities?

SCI REMC is happy to work with registered organic farmers. The first step is to notify SCI REMC of your organic status. However, even though the application is low volume and is performed when there is little to no wind, organic farmers are required to maintain a 25-foot buffer from the edge of the right-of-way.

How will this affect my dogs, horses, etc?

The herbicide SCI REMC uses affects plants only. An active ingredient within the herbicide disrupts the growth process within the plant by affecting enzymes unique to plants. These herbicides do not have a similar effect on animals or insects. However, any compound in a high enough concentration can be toxic. The EPA requires extensive testing before being introduced to the market to assure that there are no unintended effects on pets, livestock or wildlife.

Where do I get signs?

You can make your own signs or SCI REMC can send you a paper sign. The sign should state "no application" and include your SCI REMC service location number or address. Laminate or place your sign in a clear plastic bag and install under the overhead power line at each end of your property. This will help the herbicide applicator identify your property boundaries as they walk the right-of-ways.

What is my responsibility as a property owner if I decline the use of herbicide on my property?

If you decline the use of herbicide on your property the first step is to notify SCI REMC of your decision. Next, we ask that you place signs beneath the overhead power line to help our contractors identify your property boundaries. Polk-Burnett cannot be responsible for product being applied on your property if we are not contacted by the member or if signs are not put out to identify the property boundaries.

What if I want herbicides applied only to certain parts of my property?

This is a common request, such as near a garden, and most often it is not necessary to apply herbicides in these areas as undergrowth is not generally present where the property is maintained with grass or gardens. However, if woody stemmed growth is present, certain areas can be avoided at your request. SCI REMC would much prefer to work with a property owner and avoid certain areas rather than not apply to the whole property. Again, it is the member’s responsibility to inform Polk-Burnett of those areas where application should be avoided.