HVAC Tune-Up

Receive a rebate of 50% off a qualifying HVAC Tune-Up cost. UP TO $50

It’s time to schedule your annual pre-season heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) check-up with a licensed HVAC contractor to ensure our system is operating efficiently. Tune-ups cannot be self-performed.

The HVAC tune-up rebate is designed for air source heat pumps and central air conditioning systems. Gas furnaces are not eligible unless part of a central air system.

Please fill out the HVAC Tune-Up Rebate application and submit it with an itemized receipt showing the date of service, the total cost for Tune-Up, and a checklist of services performed to South Central Indiana REMC.

To Qualify

  • HVAC unit must be located in a home served by South Central Indiana REMC
  • The unit must be 3 or more years old
  • Must not have an existing preventative maintenance contract or agreement
  • The Tune-Up must be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor with an itemized receipt
  • Submission for rebates must be within 90 days of tune-up service in the same calendar year
  • One HVAC-Tune-Up rebate per member account per calendar year
  • Approved rebates will be returned to the customer in the form of a check by mail via the U.S. Postal Service
  • Rebate participation is subject to funding availability. First come, first served applications until funding is exhausted.

Submit an HVAC Tune-Up Rebate Application

Rules & Requirements
  • All rules and requirements of this program have been followed.
  • Applicant has read and agrees to the Residential Rebate Program Terms and Conditions (PDF)
  • Applicant is a residential member of South Central Indiana REMC, an electric cooperative member of Hoosier Energy.
  • The rebated equipment was installed and operational prior to submission of this application.
  • South Central Indiana REMC is providing the electric service to the installation site address listed on this application. Rebated equipment is installed in the primary residence of the applicant.
  • Applicant understands and agrees that neither Hoosier Energy nor South Central Indiana REMC assumes any responsibility or liability arising out of or related to applicant’s participation in Team Up programs.
  • Applicant will allow inspection of the rebated equipment (if requested).
  • Applicant understands applicant will not receive a rebate if applicant and/or applicant’s contractor fails to provide required program documentation.
  • Applicant agrees to purchase power from South Central Indiana REMC for a period not less than the deemed measured useful life of rebated equipment. Should the applicant receive power from any source other than the electric cooperative, including generation owned by the customer, before the end of the equipment’s deemed useful life, the applicant agrees to refund the full amount of the rebate to the distribution cooperative.
  • Applicant gives permission to Hoosier Energy to obtain usage information from their electric cooperative. Applicant understands that Hoosier Energy may use the usage information provided for program evaluation and analysis. If signing in a capacity other than an individual capacity, the individual signing the application form hereby represents and warrants that s/he is duly authorized to execute and deliver this application on behalf of the applicant.
  • South Central Indiana REMC reserves the right to approve, deny or select the appropriate rebate amount .