Billing Cycles & Meter Reading

Billing Cycles

South Central Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corporation (SCI REMC) utilizes a system of cycle billing to read meters. This means that meters are read throughout the entire month, and bills are issued at 4 different times or cycles during the month.

There are four 4 areas covered by SCI REMC with separate billing schedules:

Cycle Due Date
Cycle 1
Area North and East of Martinsville
Cycle 2
Area South and Southeast of Martinsville
Cycle 3
Area Southwest of Martinsville
Cycle 4
Area Northwest of Martinsville

Meter Reading

SCI REMC utilizes an automated meter reading (AMR) system that uses our power lines to remotely read customer meters, then transfers the data to our office.

The benefits to our members include:

  • Lower meter reading costs
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Improved member service due to the availability of daily meter readings
  • Reduction in the duration of power outages due to quick notification

Automated systems can easily take readings daily or even hourly on request. This improves long-term and short-term planning, allows engineering to manage fluctuating usage more easily, and provides a faster response to member inquiries.